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The world of Evergreen has been a massive part of my life for nearly a decade. If you haven't read The Stories of Evergreen (or even if you have) there are some random things about the series that I would like to share (the 2nd and 3rd books are yet to be released):

  • The series has elements such as time travel, a tiny bit of magic, dragons, coming of age, and the importance of comradery and human relationships.

  • At the current stage of writing the series, there are over 40 characters.

  • The series is written from the points of view of several different characters (mostly third person omniscient).

  • The series will only consist of three books, although a prequel is not out of the question.

  • The Stories of Evergreen was originally a standalone novel about a place I called The In Between, Evergreen hadn't even been conceived at this point. Once I realized The In Between wasn't enough to create a novel, Evergreen was born.

Enough about The Stories of Evergreen! My upcoming blogs will be about me, what makes me tick, my past writings, and what is in store after I complete TSoE. Stick around!

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