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The Stories of Evergreen Book I
The Life of Billy Blaine

In the year 1962, amidst the rustic charm of a bygone era, young Billy Blaine stumbles upon a remarkable discovery within the depths of his ancestral home. A mysterious door, ancient and enigmatic, stands firmly anchored to the very fabric of his basement wall, beckoning him toward an extraordinary destiny.

Fast forward to the year 2012, where another twelve-year-old, the adventurous Josh Collins, uncovers a parallel wonder nestled within the depths of his enchanting woodland realm. A door, akin to Billy's, emerges as an ethereal portal to a realm teeming with magic and untold wonders.

Through the mystical doorways that bridge their worlds, Billy and Josh forge an unbreakable
bond of friendship in a place untouched by time's relentless march. Yet, their idyllic sanctuary soon succumbs to an insidious force, malevolent and relentless, that seeks to sever their newfound

Undeterred by the impending threat, the boys embark on a perilous odyssey, guided by a
newfound tribe whose knowledge of this mystical land surpasses their own. Together, they
navigate the treacherous landscapes of Evergreen, a realm resplendent with majestic dragons,
gleaming swords, and a subtle weave of arcane forces.

Bound by their unwavering resolve, Billy and Josh muster every ounce of courage as they traverse
the fantastical expanse of Evergreen. Dragons soar above their heads, their fiery breath illuminating the path home. With each swing of their trusty blades and the whisper of iincantations, the boys inch closer to their ultimate goal.

In this enthralling fantasy, the fate of Billy and Josh rests upon their unwavering camaraderie and
their willingness to embrace the extraordinary. Will they overcome the nefarious obstacles that lie
in their wake, or shall the malevolence that seeks to tear them apart prevail? Only through their
epic quest will they unearth the path that leads them back to the world they call home.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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